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Done 1st trimester

I was late but it was too early to tell. I was scared of the possibilities.
I was assigned to a new project and I have to work on weekends for the next few months. So I peed on the stick, just in case.
Two lines. Two freaking red lines.

That was 8/9 weeks ago.
Lepas tu memang hormonal teruk. Nausea 24/7. I threw up maybe less than 5 times. Rasa nak muntah tapi tak muntah, stress ya.
Food aversion? Spicy food gave me bad heart burns which sucks because I love spicy food. I love fresh milk, but not so much now. I don't really know what to eat or if I will be okay with it. Clear soup is my comfort food. No herbs whatsoever just plain soup - garlic, white pepper. I will have lunch at AK Noodles at least once a week. I had tomyam noodle once and I was okay until I walked out of the restaurant and nausea kicks in.
Dizziness, yes. Cranky, yes. Low BP, sometimes.
Being pregnant with a toddler - the first thing I googled when I found out about this pregnancy - was crazy. I'm tired all…

Baby A's birth story; before I forget

It was Thursday, 27th July 2017. 40 weeks + 3 days and I was anxious.

I texted my husband with my plans to go to the mall on the weekends in hopes to speed up labour. But going out on a weekend is not really a good idea because it's gonna be crowded at the mall AND the hospital. So we went grocery shopping that night. 
I gained 17kg. I can barely move but it's either walking or get ready to be induced.
After we load the car, I felt something came out - like my period just came. That was my first sign of labour.
We went for dinner, home, and then to the hospital. I was sent back because (if I remember it correctly) no dilation yet.
On Friday I took an emergency leave. Decided to stay at home just in case, but nothing happened. We had nasi kandar for dinner (Nasi Vanggey - now closed) and walked around Bazar Karat.
I can already feel mild contraction but I still can walk. I was still okay.
At 3am, we went to the hospital. 2cm dilated but the ward was full. The MA asked me wheth…