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MBJB found my stolen car

March 2019, I received a letter from Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru. 
They compounded my car last year. 30.04.2018. My car. The car which was stolen on 12.11.2017. They found it 3km from my house.

Do you know how frustrated I am?
They wrote to me to collect the car in March 2019. A year after they compounded my car? What the actual fuck? 
Can you not be so incompetent?
I was so mad, and sad.

My insurance claim was completed October 2018. If MBJB have done it's job properly, it would probably be easier for us. The car would still be mine. No need to buy another car (we only bought another car after insurance claim completed right before Halim start working at a new place).

When I call the no. given in the letter and explained everything to the person in charge, I don't think he fully comprehend what I said because he asked me "Oh, Puan ingat kereta Puan kena curi?"

Headache bila teringat balik that day.
But everything happens for a reason, right?
I went to see my car. …