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"15 months baby not walking"

When Aminah turned 1 and still not crawling, cruising, let alone walking, I panicked.
Our parents keeps on asking and basically it made me go mental. Having two same-age cousins made it worse.
I google about it every other day, going crazy over it. Even consulted the doctor about it when we went for checkup post discharged (See: Pneumonia) and the doctor doesn't seem concerned. As if I am overreacting.
I know it's normal. I read about it. A lot of people assured me that it's fine. I finally let go and let be when she turns 14 months.
I should've seen it coming though. She didn't roll over until she turns 8 months. Didn't start moving on her tummy until 10 months. Fast forward to 13 months, she has build her confidence to 'climb'. At 14 and a half months, she finally sits on her own. And now, at 15 months, she just started crawling (???). 
My baby, taking her own sweet time to do things. She's probably scared, or maybe just plain lazy.
Maybe she nee…