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Halim's big 30

We celebrated Halim's birthday with a trip to KL.
OK so actually I have a work appointment at KL, moving on...
We had birthday lunch at Meat Point Dataran Jelatek.

Food was good and service, tip top. I really love the scallops. Aminah enjoyed the mashed potato so much (I know, MSG and all, bad parenting), she totally ignored her baby food. I think I had pasta, it was six months ago, I can't recall and I can't find any picture of my order.
The only thing I want them to improve is their servers' photography skills because our pictures were... meh.
No more birthday roadtrip for Halim next year because we had to brave CNY traffic on the way back to JB, I had a bad case of car sickness - I don't even want to think about being on the road during CNY ever again.