29 weeks

The biggest misconception I had about pregnancy / being pregnant: You don't have to worry about weight gain / eating too much.

Because I worry everyday. Especially when I've been gaining 3-4kg/month even when I ration my food.

Sugar level is normal. Nodes, normal. Blood pressure, normal.

Edema - abnormal. My feet are huge most of the times. Sometimes it's not so bad but I worry a lot because people have been saying that it's too early to swell etc. etc.


I've been advised (more like instructed) to cut down on rice (carbs in general) and milk intake. But when I don't drink milk, I'll get heart burn.

Excessive weight gain + edema + heart burn = signs of pre-eclampsia which is bad for me and the fetus.

I'm so confused.

And for everyone else, the first one is so exciting. Most people can't wait to buy all those baby stuff. Not me though.

I've been busy with work and is still waiting for my transportation claims - January to April. I've been travelling a lot (work stuff) so...

Basically, I'm tired and broke.

Getting pregnant is hard work (for some), being pregnant - harder work (again, not applicable to everyone - or maybe it seems harder because you're not as energetic as before?). Raising a child(ren)... 

Not complaining, just washed out - from all the *office* work.

11 weeks to go. Can't wait to say goodbye to all the files and travelling.
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