2016 highlights

January - Koh Lipe trip with Indies
February - CNY Singapore trip with Halim before our engagement the following weekend!
March - Ara + Jape, Penang trip with Kak Bie and Aunty Safiah

May - Got married to the one and only Halim! Rompin trip (Halim's office's family day)
June - Kelantan trip with Princesses for Ariey + Pijie
July - Raya JB-BP-KB-PP-Kuantan (phew!!) Melaka trip for Pijie + Ariey and raya at Ira's
August - Melaka trip with in-laws for SIL's graduation

October - Cukue + Amar
November - KL trip with Princesses, Birthday month and the best birthday gift ever!
December - SILs wedding, Ayam + Nana

2017, may Allah ease.
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