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motherhood... so far

Alhamdulillah, delivery was a breeze... 
I regret not studying about breastfeeding before I actually tried, and failed a few times.
I only read about breathing and stuff after I had passed my due date. Nasib baik overdue.
If you're planning to breastfeed your baby, please take the time to learn and prepare yourself physically and mentally. Go to classes. Join support group. I would recommend TBAN group on Facebook. 
Contrary to popular beliefs, some things doesn't comes naturally, not even motherly insticts nor feelings.

I remember asking myself - can I undo this?

Thoughts while watching The Secret Life of Pets - Why do I have to have a baby at the first place, why didn't I just get a pet?

Regardless, I love my daughter so much (especially when she's not crying) but it's hard work.

As hard as it is, I wish I can quit my job and take care of her myself.

Anyway, she can laugh now. Loves to look at the windows/ up at the lights, ceilin…

Ayam's last single night out

Birthday celebration for October and November babies (lah sangat) cum Ayam's last single night out with us before getting hitched.
I was tricked to the party and I didn't want to go at first (Halim told me it's makan-makan with his work-friends and I was not in the mood to mingle). Luckily I obliged - lepas kena ugut dengan api neraka.

Long overdue post. And I'm also currently overdue (40 weeks + 3 days) according to Klinik Kesihatan's calculation based on my last period. I'm more confident with my dating scan (6-13 weeks scan - EDD on 1st August). 
Regardless, if I didn't pop by 3rd August I will be induced. Doctor's order.

When I turned 28

I want to be 27 forever but...

final carnival

The main Iskarnival event held in November. To be honest, I enjoyed Iskarnival Kreatif & Naratif more than this.

November to remember

Team Princess annual jalan-jalan cari makan KL trip happened last November.