November to remember

Team Princess annual jalan-jalan cari makan KL trip happened last November.

The best!

We had flowers for brunch.

Rimba & Rusa - Laksa Sarawak Haji Noh - western food dalam dulang - wondermilk - Fahrenheit 600 Café and Restaurant. Always gigih for food and jalan-jalan. Little that we know I was already pregnant at that time. Alhamdulillah, baby kuat.


Laman Seni 7

During our lovelifest trip we stayed at Tree Boutique Hotel, Shah Alam. Laman Seni 7 was right behind the hotel's block so before we head back home we snap some pictures there, playing tourists because, why not?



Wives-only trip to Lovelifest with non other than Azra, for Yunalis Zarai. Gigih? I know. 

Five months pregnant at that time. So I sat down during the whole show from Oh Chentaku to Yuna.

It's probably the last music event/show I will ever attend. Halim cakap lepas ni boleh attend tilawah alquran je. Mmmkay.