Penang II : Day 3

We started our last day at Penang early. Our initial plan was to have roti canai Argyll Road for breakfast but changed our mind and headed to Nasi Dalcha Kassim Mustafa at Lebuh Chulia instead because it's nearer.

We had nasi dalcha, which was so good, Kak Bie ordered roti canai if I'm not mistaken. There's also left over beka from yesterday.

So good!! Rindu!

Your first trip to Penang ain't complete without pictures at the murals. Equipped with the map, we walked around Georgetown to look for the murals. We were there on a weekday so there were not many tourists around.

We also stopped by interesting places. The kain batik patchwork shop is really beautiful.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel. Freshen up and checked out, we head to Chowrasta and did some souvenir shopping.

While waiting for the bus to Komtar, we tried some street food. 

Cendol here was better the first time I had it. It was a bit sour this time. Probably the coconut milk was not fresh... I dunno...

Kak Bie bought some samosa and kuih magelek at T. S. Bismi's stall. Delicious!

And then we board a Rapid to Komtar. Really old bus terminal but advanced technology. They have a board showing ETA of the bus and routes and stuff. So cool.

Finally we were at the airport. I'm still full thanks to nasi dalcha early in the morning but we went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear at the airport and had nasi kandar and roti canai.

So that's it, the end of our Penang trip. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed every bit of it, from the bus rides to the food and all the walking and taking pictures. Thank you Kak Bie for planning it :)

It's been almost three months since the trip. I'm ready to plan for another trip to Penang. Jom?
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