Penang II : Day 2

We start our second day with roti canai and roti bakar at Transfer Road.

And then we made our way to Chowrasta and wait for the Hop-On Hop-Off bus. Kudos to Kak Bie for looking it up as it made our trip so much easier.

A little bit about Hop-On Hop-Off bus. There's two routes, beach route and city route with interchange at Gurney Drive. For MyKad holders, a 24 hour ticket is RM19.00. There are three types of tickets. We bought the tickets on the bus but you can also buy it online or at booths. Here's some info about the bus that I got from their website...

click image to enlarge

We wanted to go to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill - stop no. 3). Chowrasta is stop no. 8 so we need to go all the way to stop no. 13 and back to stop no. 3. The bus took us around Georgetown. The bus stops at several places and, in certain buses, there's a pre-recorded tourist info tape playing at the background.

Although there's a viewing deck, we chose to sit at the air conditioned area because it was too hot.

After about an hour of bus ride, we arrived at Penang Hill.

View in the tram, going up.

We're finally up. We just walked around, sightseeing and took a lot of pictures. Aunty Safiah really enjoyed looking at all the flowers and greens. It was quite misty that morning so we didn't get the chance to see Penang island from the top.

View from the tram, going down.

We took the bus to Gurney Drive as we want to switch to Beach Route. And we headed off to the Toy Museum.

It's quite tricky though. The bus doesn't stop in that area so we embarked at the National Park stop, took Rapid and stop beside the road, and then we walked to the Museum.

For RM16.00/entry and all the fuss walking there, it's quite disappointing for me. I rather go to the State's Museum.

Afterwards, we stop by a stall selling kuih. The stall was buzzing with people so we decided to try. Aunty Safiah was curious about it so of course she asked some questions about how the girl made it etc. Tourist mode on! We bought some pulut panggang and beka for the road.

We took another Rapid to Hard Rock. Kak Bie wanted to buy souvenir for her siblings. I wanted to buy a t-shirt for my then fiance, but his size was out of stock.

We were back on Hop-On Hop-Off. Both my travelling partners were super tired...

The bus finally arrived at the interchange stop. We went down and walked to the food court area to grab some snacks.

This place reminds me of my trip with Team Princess...

We shared a plate of pasembor and char kuew tiaw. Delicious!

We were just in time for the City Route bus. Another few stops until we're at our temporary home...

After shower and prayers, we went to Kapitan, located at Lebuh Chulia nearby Masjid Kapitan Keling, for dinner. Naan Ayam Tandoori, briyani, and nasi kandar for us. Alhamdulillah! Should definitely try their chicken milani on my next trip (hopefully next year) because I heard it's good.

On our way back, we stop by Nasi Kandar Beratur. It was only 9.30pm but the line was already long. Although we were so full, Kak Bie was determined to try it, sebab, bila lagi? Her friend told her to order telur sotong, and to bungkus instead of eating there, so she did.

We ate right before we doze off. The telur sotong was amazing, seriously amazing.

I'm seriously in love with kari Penang. Salivating while writing this post.
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