Mee Celup Majidee @ Kampung Dato' Sulaiman Menteri

When you're hungry and you want to eat at a place where you haven't eaten before because seriously, tak pernah pun makan dekat area Majidee belah belakang Honda tu.

So yeah, we saw this place packed with people. Decided to eat there because I was hungry, I want to try something new, and there's a lot of people so there's a high chance that the food is good.

Mee celup is a Kelantanese delicacy. It taste like PAMA + 100. The sourness, the heat - major love for mee celup. It was just okay for him, but I want seconds. It's super cheap good food.

Mee Celup Majidee is located at Jalan Bunga Melor, Kampung Dato' Sulaiman Menteri (From Jalan Tebrau (heading to Pasir Gudang), turn right at Honda and just go straight until you see a stall at the corner at your right, nearby Dewan Serbaguna.)

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