Indie Ke Koh Lipe #2 - Seaside Resort

During Indies' trip to Koh Lipe in January, we stayed at Seaside Resort. We booked 8 rooms via Agoda and paid around RM2,800.00 for a three days two night stay so we paid RM180/each because there were only 15 of us. Not very cheap as we book the rooms two months before, quite late considering the fact that we bought our flight tickets in June.

While we were waiting for our passport at the immigration site, we were told it's five minutes away. I guess, five minutes Thai time = 10 seconds normal time. It's barely 10 steps from the immigration site.

The place is decent. There's wifi at the lobby and the rooms - connection is weak at the rooms but great at the lobby so we went to the lobby to whatsapp and stuff. Hot water is available - for drinking - at the lobby. There's also hot water at the rooms. They put netting on the bed but I was only bothered by mosquitoes in the toilet. It's a queen sized bed so if you are a large male you probably won't be comfortable sharing the room. Everything is clean and in a good condition albeit the floors was sandy (we're on a beach so of course it'll be sandy). There's a hammock up front but it's kinda smelly.

Overall, perfect for group travellers and couples. Not for families with little kids though, there's other places along Pattaya Beach with better facilities that is more family-friendly. We were very satisfied.

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