Tacoloco @ Acad's Kitchen Taman Kebun Teh

I've heard positive reviews about Tacoloco from friends but I never had the chance to try their food until ISKARNIVAL2015.

We had carbonara and aglio olio. The pastas are selling for RM7.00 each, served in a chinese take out box. The aglio was good but the carbonara was exceptional. They also serve tacos and nachos. I love how they describe their selection of pastas - carbonara milk,  marinara tomato, aglio oil? Something like that.

Anyway, I've been craving for some carbonara so we head on to their stall at Taman Kebun Teh, just trying my luck. Unfortunately they only serve nachos and tacos there. But the pastas are available for delivery.

I prefer the nachos at The Substitutes but it's not bad. 
You can try their nachos and tacos at Acad's Kitchen (previously Rayqal's Kitchen) or whatsapp Amy at 0127386876 for delivery.
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