The Spectacular Now - Tim Tharp / [2013]

I watched the movie because Miles Teller is in it (Sutter) and I think it was good, so I read the book.

It's a story about a carefree boy, Sutter, who got dumped by his ex girlfriend, Cassidy, because he's too carefree and got in some sort of a relationship with a nerdy girl, Aimee Finicky even though he's still hung up on his ex. This is a guy who's looking for fun. A guy who does not want any commitment. He's a high school senior but he does not even bother to apply to college because he know he's not gonna graduate - he just don't care. The spectacular NOW, now. Not the past nor the future.

Sutter's a fun guy, everybody knows him, he's the clown, the cool guy. He lives his life in a daze thanks to the spiked 7 up practically glued to his hand.

How things happened in both book and movie is pretty much the same. They accidentally met while Aimee was delivering news papers. Sutter was failing his calculus so he asked Aimee to tutor him. They grew closer. Aimee fell for him, maybe he too have feelings for her but he told his best friend he just want to help her, give her the experience of having someone, I guess he's in denial. Things got complicated. They went on a road trip to see Sutter's dad, met with an accident. Things got even more complicated. Aimee is certain about her life plans and want to include Sutter in it, but Sutter only believes in the spectacular now. Planning for future is not his thing.

Aimee is played by Shailene Woodley, the girl in The Fault In our Stars and Divergent. She's too pretty for that part. I can't picture someone like her as the nerdy girl in the book. Aimee is nerdy and awkward, someone that will mistake friendliness with affection because people don't and won't pay attention to her. Nobody sees her, she's invisible. She's so naive and fell head over heels for Sutter.

In the book, Sutter promised Aimee to follow her to college but he didn't. He decided that staying as far as possible from Aimee is the best thing to do because he feels that he's gonna mess up Aimee's life. Aimee's a bright kid and he's Sutter, living in the spectacular now, no future whatsoever.

In the movie, they were supposed to go to college together by bus but he stood her up because he believes he will mess up her life (like in the book). But then he finally straightened his life, and went looking for Aimee at her college. Sutter does not gave up on Aimee. He did not gave up on his future or maybe, their future together.

I expect some of the details or story line to be different but I did not expect any changes on the ending, so I was shocked when I get to the last page of the book and that's it... that's the end.

So the movie made me feel happy and all bubbly inside. Such a sweet movie about young love. The book though, crushed me.

I feel you Aimee, I really do.****

I'm gonna end this with a photo essay but the writers (for the movie) >> link
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