Favourite - Salsabila

Salsabila Cafe is always changing. I love it when it first opened - Salsabila Shisha Lounge - chill, cool, happening. Not a fan when they changed the concept (Salsabila Restaurant) - too bright, too family-friendly, less people, boring. 

With vapor trending - Salsa Vape Lounge - they transformed again - dimmed lighting, dark - feels just like the old days. 

Food is a level up.  Pricier but way better than before, both on taste and presentation. I still miss nasi goreng udang butter.

This is the kind of place people want to lepak at, okay. So please stick with this. This works for you.

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ps I don't condone vaping, it's kinda annoying - not everyone, just the people who can't stop talking about vape and smoke irresponsibly.
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