A day before pay day, my cash running low. I just signed off 35 years of my life to the bank. A birthday present from me, to me. Giddy, excited, but a little stressed. Counting every cent as I calculate the cost of our lunch.

And then someone came; a friend of his, an acquaintance of mine. They said their hellos. I just smiled, I'm not much of a talker. He took his seat, with his toddler son.

So we talk, and we ate, and we talk some more. We privately admire them. 

There's always something endearing when you see the people you knew from your childhood become parents. Bad boys, rebellious girls, air-headed, short-tempered, cold-hearted; all of them become great parents.

We finished our food. He flipped pages and I took pictures - because pics or it didn't happen.

I demanded for him to explain everything to me. Every. Single. Clause. Even though I basically knew it all. I'm a fussy customer, he said. I don't care, I said. 

My stupid questions and his annoying silly faces. 

They exchanged goodbyes as, his friend (my acquaintance) and his toddler son; left the restaurant. 

We went through the terms and forms. Tick this, fill up that. Initial this, sign that.

In the middle of our banter, the waitress came, "Your bill is paid. This is your receipt."

And every time I think the world's unfair, I remind myself of that fortunate day.
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