Roslin Beriani House @ Taman Perbadanan Islam

I always have this sudden pangs for a certain taste. I won't immediately know what kind of food I want to eat but I know the taste. And that one sunny afternoon, I was longing for Nasi Beriani.

I've seen this place from the roadside near Anjung Rebana, Klinik Pergigian Pearl, next to SJK (C) Foon Yew 1. Beriani House. Doesn't seem like much. The place is old, almost ancient, more like vintage. Old cutleries, old furniture, old tiles and walls.

But old is gold, and the nasi beriani was amazing. There were only two other people in the restaurant when we were there and they were having roti phrata which looks equally amazing. Would love to have a taste of that, next time.

Location: 14, Jalan Rebana, Kebun Teh
Opening hours: 8.00am to 8.30pm (Closed Sundays)
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