Do you remember my favourite number?

8/11/15 11:23:15 PG: Ko mst xpasan

8/11/15 11:23:21 PG: Ak nk tggu ko pasan

8/11/15 11:23:35 PG: P tkot dh bsmut lak kt pgar ko

8/11/15 11:23:38 PG: Hahaha

8/11/15 11:23:43 PG: Tpkse gtw

8/11/15 11:23:47 PG: Dh xsweet

8/11/15 11:23:48 PG: Dem

8/11/15 11:24:12 PG: nn: K

Goes downstairs and asked Ma whether there's anything outside. It was already on the table. A cake and a box. The cake was expected (sebab dia cakap takut bersemut) the box was a surprise.

8/11/15 11:25:48 PG: nn: Aku mmg tak perasan kalau kau tak cakap

8/11/15 11:25:55 PG: nn: Sebab terperuk dalam bilik haha

8/11/15 11:25:58 PG: nn: Mak aku dah amek

8/11/15 11:26:05 PG: nn: Thankssss 💕💕😭

8/11/15 11:26:09 PG: nn: So sweet

8/11/15 11:26:10 PG: nn: Lol

8/11/15 11:26:51 PG: Tlog r kap muat

Sabar kejap boleh tak? Tak buka lagi pun box nya, Apabenda lah dalam ni. Baju kot? Bolehlah pakai kejap lagi (I was getting ready for lunch.)

8/11/15 11:26:55 PG: Ak stres ni

8/11/15 11:26:58 PG: Hahaha

8/11/15 11:27:10 PG: Wtw ko dok dlm blk mnjag

But boy was I wrong. It was a pair of shoes!! And a card. And a polaroid picture of my favourite girl. I've been looking for new shoes for months so, yeah...

8/11/15 11:28:35 PG: nn: OMG

8/11/15 11:28:44 PG: nn: KAU BELIKAN AKU KASUT???

8/11/15 11:28:48 PG: nn: OMG

8/11/15 11:28:56 PG: nn: *PENGSAN*

8/11/15 11:29:03 PG: nn: Thank youuuuuuu

8/11/15 11:31:37 PG: nn: Cantik ahhh

8/11/15 11:31:41 PG: nn: Camnak pakai jap lg

8/11/15 11:31:43 PG: nn: Hahahaha

8/11/15 11:31:48 PG: nn: Aku ingatkan kau hantar document

8/11/15 11:31:51 PG: Dats y ak antr pg

8/11/15 11:31:51 PG: nn: Hahahahahahaha

8/11/15 11:31:57 PG: Pkse ko kai

8/11/15 11:31:58 PG: Hahaha

8/11/15 11:32:07 PG: nn: Krik krik

8/11/15 11:32:15 PG: nn: Nak nangis ah

8/11/15 11:32:16 PG: nn: Emo

8/11/15 11:32:18 PG: nn: Hahaha

8/11/15 11:37:24 PG: Overnye ko

8/11/15 11:37:24 PG: Hahahaha

8/11/15 11:37:41 PG: Yeah! Hope u like it. Ok. Over

8/11/15 11:37:42 PG: Hahaha

8/11/15 11:40:27 PG: nn: Fakenya

8/11/15 11:40:29 PG: nn: Hahaha

And then I went out with my boy (Happy 3rd anniversary to us). Had a mini car party. Ate some cake. A very late lunch. He sent me home and goes to work. Love, love, love them and everyone who remembers. You guys means a lot to me. Thanks for all the wishes. Thank you 💕

ps It's 27. I told you about it right before my 23rd birthday. I don't think you remember our conversation but it was on my mind the night I turned 27.
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