All There Is : Love Stories From StoryCorps - Dave Isay

In recent months I have read a few books that sort of moved me in so many ways. This is one of it, and it is also the book that made me want to read more non-fiction/real life stories. 

It is a compilation of conversations/stories from StoryCorps booths about or with the contributor's significant other. It's divided to three parts, Found, Lost, and Found At Last. Found is stories about how the subjects found love (obviously), mostly old people that have been married for 50 years. Lost is about losing the one you loved, due to sickness (Alzheimer) or death. Found At Last is filled with stories of people who lose faith in love but regained their faith later in life when they found the one. 

The conversations/stories are heartwarming. I teared-up most of the time when I read the book because I was so touched and overwhelmed by the stories. I was in a dark place and needed some hope that everything's going to be alright and it gave me what I was looking for.

I got the book from this year's Big Bad Wolf at Johor Bahru. I recommend it to all hopeless romantics and anyone who is feeling down and needs a pick me up, the ones that needs to believe in love again. StoryCorps' way of collecting these stories is very interesting. You can read all about them and listen to the recorded stories on their website.
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