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Food Truck Feast

I was waiting for the rain to stop at Bukit Tinggi when I got a message from Dayang about the KL Food Truck Feast. 5 hours later, we were there.
There were hits and misses, but I enjoyed what I had that nigh. Carbonara from Little Fat Duck, Nachos from Teazer, and crepes from Chigunara Cafe. My friends raved about Haus Thug? Teh Tarik (Hungry Thug) but I didn't get a chance to taste it. Well, there's always a next time.

If you missed this, Foodgasm Fest is happening on 1st of November 2015 at Dataran Petaling Jaya. How I wish KL is just seconds away. Actually, I don't really mind the distance, the cost though...

Colmar Tropicale @ Bukit Tinggi

I have been wanting to meet Nana for the longest time. And they're probably gonna get married soon so, right after we confirmed the Yuna-trip a.k.a Trip lepas gian #3, I told Ayam we are going to KL and we want to meet him with his girlfriend on Saturday.
We went to Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, an hour drive from Damansara. 
It started to drizzle when we were at Japanese Village but things were still under control. Had to take on 88 flights of stairs before we reached the top. I was dying.... Spent a lot of time taking pictures but we didn't saw the garden.
When we got to the French-themed village, it was raining cats and dogs. We parked our car and waited for more than 30 minutes before we walk to the resort. I was wearing loafers. My feet were soaked. I need new shoes.
It was fun though. Tiring but fun. We took a lot of pictures (again). There's a lot of nice Instagram worthy backgrounds. There were swans too, white and black.
One thing that awed me the most was the h…

[CLOSED] Dapur Bonda Cafe @ Taman Setia Tropika

Dapur Bonda serves Sarawak cuisines. I never been to Sarawak so I don't really know how it really taste. I've taste mee kolok but only at Atirah's Eatery. At Dapur Bonda we orderes Set Nasi Kukus and Laksa Sarawak. 
Nasi kukus comes with chicken curry. It was delicious but the portion was too small.
Their Laksa Sarawak kinda taste like Laksa Nyonya. I must say, I'm not a fan (I don't like Laksa Nyonya too). But the nasi kukus (kot) served with chicken curry was good. 
By the way, the owners are really nice and welcoming.
ps I need to know the taste of authentic Sarawak food. This is a valid reason to go to Kuching next year. Hm.

Location: No. 3, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/17, Taman Setia Tropika.

Closed / Changed to MUMTAZ Restaurant

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kampung Baru

One word sums up my first time at nasi lemak antarabangsa - overrated.

Yuna, with the usual suspect

It's always a fun time at Yuna's concert/shows. Been to one every year since 2009 - except 2011 - and it keeps getting better. She keeps getting better. Never fails to amaze me.

ps We parked at Suria KLCC from 4.00pm to 11.00pm and were charged RM30.00. We walked in circles trying to figure out how to get to KLCC Convention Centre from Suria KLCC. I ended up ditching heels for loafers.

Lagi Best BBQ & Steamboat @ Taman Gaya

Lagi Best is not your usual steamboat and grill place. This is the first steamboat and grill place I have ever been to that have ikan keli. It's also the first one without mutton and cherry tomatoes. I need my mutton and cherry tomatoes okay.
Alas, I had a great time and my tummy was happy. Actually, I was so excited. Ada sambal belacan okay. And big fat prawns, ya Allah. Alhamdulillah... I did not get food poisoning the next day *pheww*.
RM25/pax 6-12 years old RM12/pax Senior Citizen & OKU RM10/pax

Location: 31, Jalan Sasa 5, Taman Gaya. Opening hours: 5.00pm - 12.00pm. Facebook: Lagi Best BBQ & Steamboat