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Petals & Bakes @ Nong Chik Heights

Petals & Bakes is owned by twin sisters. They serve breakfast, brunch and desserts. I think it's a nice place to chill and have a date while having desserts. I had the strawberry shortcake waffles and baked pasta (from Big Food next door).

Location: 2-01, Jalan Kolam Air 1, Nong Chik Heights, next to Big Food. Instagram: @petals_and_bakes

Wany + Arm {Engagement}

It's so hard to make time for this kind of things when you have to be "on call" on weekends but I finished early that day and get to meet the newly engaged girl.
So congratulations Wany. Cantik sangat awak. Sedap sikit hati kita awak dah nak kahwin takde gedik-gedik tanya pasal Abang Halim lagi. Eh!
Love yous!

I love my chambering days, it can be boring, but Wany and Fiza, these girls really brightens up my day. 

Mood Republik

Sometimes we do things that we're not proud of like shopping for new blouses and skirts when you still have bags of unworn clothes in your room. I have a problem. I know.

Adam's Place Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Taman Setia Tropika

When you miss Penang so much it hurts. And your friend just got back from Penang but didn't go on a food hunt (apa barang pergi Penang end up makan maggi je and lepak mamak tengok bola)...
I was craving. It was the Independence Day weekend. Everybody was at Penang or Ipoh - two of my favourite places in Malaysia after Johor Bahru (of course!). Sedih tau.
So we head on to Adam's Place. I was not really convinced. But from the first mouthful, I knew it was love. A lot of people are saying it's not authentic and does not taste anything like Penang's but I know I can always depend on Adam's Place to fulfill my nasi kandar cravings. The iced lime almost reached Hameediyah's standard.
I am in love and I think I need a good plate of nasi kandar, pronto!

Location: No. 44, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/1, Taman Setia Tropika. Open 24 hours (closed for Friday prayers).

JB 12th Arts Festival @ Mall of Medini - #JBWRF, Transit, Nusantara, White Box & Najwa Mahiaddin Live in JB

Johor Bahru Arts Festival is happening now until 10th October 2015 at Mall of Medini. A month of all things arts. Bought some books at JB Writers, Readers Festival and then watched Najwa Mahiaddin with the girls. 
A week after I went there again, just hanging out, watching paintings and stuff. I plan to go to comedy shows and maybe Yasmin Ahmad's movie screenings. 
There's a lot of fun activities for all ages so if you haven't been there, why not? Visit and their facebook for insights.

Cinoni @ Kangkar Tebrau

Cheap and tasty tea a few minutes from home. Definitely at Cinoni. Gerai tepi jalan je not your hipster space lah but it's good. I had yong tau fu (my favourite) and ABC.

Location: Medan Selera Kangkar Tebrau, Taman Bunga Ros