I want to be simple, but

All black err thing. I want that since secondary school. I actually have the means to realise it now but then I saw a soft pink something or a mint green whatever and I can't stop myself.

I love makeup. I want to try everything. I envy people with a big collection but I also want to be like those classy women who only use Chanel or cle de peau or any other luxury cosmetics brands and only own one of each ie one foundation one blusher one lipstick you get what I mean. Clean dressing table. It looks so cool. I also have a problem with makeup that I have but I don't use. Semak okay. So how to start collecting? So many times I end up selling my collection because they took so much space.

Basically, at 26 years and (almost) 10 months, I'm still clueless about myself. Being fickle is no fun and confusing.
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