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I want to be simple, but

All black err thing. I want that since secondary school. I actually have the means to realise it now but then I saw a soft pink something or a mint green whatever and I can't stop myself.
I love makeup. I want to try everything. I envy people with a big collection but I also want to be like those classy women who only use Chanel or cle de peau or any other luxury cosmetics brands and only own one of each ie one foundation one blusher one lipstick you get what I mean. Clean dressing table. It looks so cool. I also have a problem with makeup that I have but I don't use. Semak okay. So how to start collecting? So many times I end up selling my collection because they took so much space.
Basically, at 26 years and (almost) 10 months, I'm still clueless about myself. Being fickle is no fun and confusing.

MIYAGI Japanese Restaurant @ Seksyen 9 Bandar Baru Bangi

I can't remember feeling tired after a day trip to Putrajaya (few months ago). What I know is I was very happy and it was super fun. 
Didn't had the chance to try out Miyagi back when I was still at Bangi. I was excited - to finally have a taste of the good stuff. Selalu makan dekat Sushi King saja.
It was good. Really good. When you look at the price tag, you will probably thought it's too expensive but the portion was quite big (for me and I am known as a big eater) and everything was delicious.
And I get to experience it with my closest friends. How good can life be? :)

Fish & Co.

This was during my second trip lepas gian. Before our sushi dinner, we stop by IOI City Mall Putrajaya and had lunch at Fish & Co. I'm not sure if it was my first time. Probably, it is. And every single thing was so good, I wish they would open one in Johor Bahru. Adalah choice other than Manhattan Fish Market.
By the way, I really love IOI City Mall. It's so big and there's a lot of shopping and other activities that you can do under one roof. I wish I'm still in Bangi. Dulu nak fun-fun ada Alamanda je :/


I am still recovering from dengue. My last blood test was a week ago and it was just okay... platelet still below 150 but that was the last blood test. I didn't go to the clinic again after that. I had enough of the needles. 
It has been two weeks from the day I had fever. Still fatigued, lack of focus, my shins still itch from time to time, hands and arms still sore from the blood drawings… and on top of that, sore throat and non stop coughing.

Dengue is a bitch. I won’t say I don’t wish it to my worst enemy because I do, and I hope he/she will never recover.

Athirah + Amar {Engagement}

Cukue and Amar got engaged two weeks ago. Congrats babe and can't wait for the wedding ❤️❤️