Ipoh Trip X Day 2

By 8AM we were already wandering around Memory Lane

Memory Lane, also known as Pasar Karat Loken was interesting. Similar to Lorong Kulit but very different too.  I like the fact that most of the stuff there is vintage or old stuff. I even caught a glimpse of an uncle checking out an old porn CD (judging from the cover, it must be from the 90s).

And there were a lot of parangs. Orang Ipoh memang gangster ke macam mana? Seterang-terangnya jual benda bahaya. There were at least five stalls selling mostly parang!

Halfway through, we walked all the way to Mee Daud Mat Jasak for mee kicap.

For me, it was just okay. Boleh tak? Not a fan. Maybe it's the choice of noodle. I'll probably love it if it was kueh tiau.

After breakfast we went back to Memory Lane to do some shopping. At around 11AM, we went back to the hotel, it was time to pack up and check out. 

We went to Medan Selera Dato Tahwil Azhar to look for popiah and satay but it was not opened - a case of wrong timing. So we end up walking to Kong Heng area, again.

This time, Yasmin at Kong Heng was open. Spent an hour there, watched a little bit of Talentime and a whole lot of late Yasmin's old ads.

Afterwards, we had ais kepal at Bits & Bobs. It was tasty but I was so clumsy that the air gula melaka was dripping all over my clothes and handbag after just a few minutes.

We were actually waiting for Hasan and Myra so instead of going straight to lunch, we went around Ipoh to look for Art Murals. We were a bit lost at first but later on we googled for direction.

Kopi O
Paper Plane

There were seven of them. We got to see all but one - Trishaw - was too tired to walk and the weather was merciless. Hasan and Myra couldn't make it so we head back to Plan B, and as planned (!!), we had our lunch there.

45 minutes before our 4PM train to KL, we took one last walk around Ipoh Heritage Trail.

Obviously, we didn't have time to see all the buildings but we went to at least five of them during our trip. OK lah kan buat cukup syarat.

At 4PM sharp, we were already on our way back to KL.

The next day, I took a flight to JB and brought these gems with me - a bag I got from Memory Lane and CDs from Khizanat.

So that was it, our Ipoh trip. Initially, I planned it as a food trip but end up to be a sightseeing trip. I feel happy, I had fun, mission accomplished but it was a bit incomplete. I kinda miss Ira and Dayang. Ira would've loved Noh Akustik show and we wouldn't be lost if Dayang was there. But ARiey, we made it at last kan? Yeay for us!
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