Ipoh Trip X Day 1

Ipoh trip last March was a duo short trip with ARiey and revolves around Ipoh town only. All the places we planned to go to can be reached by foot and within 1km radius from our hotel and the Ipoh KTM Station.

It was not as meticulously planned as Penang trip so I was super nervous about Ipoh. I had a list of places that we should visit, drafted a simple non binding itinerary, and we end up not going to a few but added other surprises.

Woke up early and took the LRT to KL Sentral from TBS. Of course, Komuter was easier as you don't need to change stations but we missed a train and the next one is one hour away. Don't want to risk missing our 11AM ETS to Ipoh so we took the high road. 

Arrived at KL Sentral an hour before train departure, had breakfast, did some window shopping at nusentral, boarded the train to Ipoh.

We arrived at Ipoh KTM Station at 1.20PM, right on time. We proceed to sight seeing around Ipoh and walk straight to Kong Heng area. 

Thank God for Google Maps. I printed out the map around that area so that we can see all the places that we want to go and so that we don't have to rely on map apps. After walking for a few minutes and crossing some roads, we finally  got to Kong Heng without getting lost.

We looked for Yasmin At Kong Heng but couldn't find it until we got back to Plan B - belakang tu je rupanya. But instead of going to Yasmin's we went to Plan B, met up with Suraya and she drove us to Kopitiam Yong Suan for Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah or popularly known as Nasi Ganja.

Suraya belanja :D
There was a queue but it's manageable. We got a table easily, unlike in Penang, the crowd were very polite, does not hog the table after they have finished eating, and give way to people. The food was good and we were very happy because we have accomplished our main mission but the iced lime cannot challenge the one at Hameediyah.

Right after lunch, we checked in at Hotel Pi (previously, Tune Hotel).

Very nicely decorated, comfortable, and accommodating. The location was strategic too as Memory Lane is right next to it and it was very close to most of the places that were on our list. If you drove to Ipoh you will need to park your car at the basement on Sunday morning. Our room (Deluxe Twin) was small but there's a window. For muslims, if your main concern is for a space to pray, there's a public surau at the Hotel.

We spent a few hours at the hotel room to talk and rest. When we got back to Yasmin, it was already closed. Looking back, we could have probably used the time to go checkout one of the food court - we didn't get the chance to try out some food court food because of wrong timing - Medan Selera Dato Sagor was one of the place we missed, should have bought earlier tickets to Ipoh.

Anyway, the first unplanned thing we did was going to Burps & Giggles. A few old shop lots turned into cafes connected not by actual doors but holes on the walls. Reminded me of Roost Juice + Bar. It was fascinating and obviously a hit among the locals and tourists.

After a delicious meal, we went back to the hotel. Thought about going to Khizanat but it was raining and decided to wash up and go there later.

Come night time, we walked to Khizanat. It was a two minute walk. We just need to cross the public parking space opposite the hotel.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a table at the entrance with the signage "Noh Akustik - Angin Kencang RM15". Say what? I asked ARiey if she wanna go, and of course she did - she's the biggest indie music fan I've ever known kot. This was the second unplanned thing we did at Ipoh. 

I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was Aku Skandal. I'm not really a fan of Hujan nor Noh but I love that song so much. I think I've seen a few of their shows just for Aku Skandal. And Noh was fun. Crazy blunt fun jenis lawak kasar. I bought his CD and he signed it "To: Ramlah" because he asked my name but I don't know why I took a few seconds before I replied so he just wrote whatever he wants. Suka hati dia je but at least it's not "awak busuk" kan?

Anyway, we missed out on Popiah SS Ali and Satay Endut at Medan Selera Dato Tahwil Azhar because of the show. Our dinner that night was burger tepi jalan from the stall in front of French Hotel (opposite Khizanat). 

Contemplating on having instant noodles at 7Eleven nearby but was too sleepy and tired. Dah tua lah.
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