Ipoh Trip X Burps & Giggles

When I planned the Ipoh trip, it was never about hipster cafes. Entah macam mana tetibe revolves around that pulak. 

So, it all started with burps & giggles. It was 4.30pm we didn't know what else to do and I was hungry, the place seems nice, quirky, reminds me of Roost, so we stop by. 

Diorang makan crepes and pastries. I had pasta.

Everything was so good. My pesto pasta, delicious. I love the place, sambung empat lot kedai macam tu. Dalam tu tak buat pintu pun, dia basically pecahkan dinding jadi macam ruang for people to walk from one lot to the other. Rustic habis.

You can see families from three generations eating there, friends, budak-budak muda, late 20s early 30s, locals and foreigners, semua ada.

Price wise, lebih kurang je kot harga semua hipster cafes.

If I ever visit Ipoh again, I will probably try their local food (sebab last time tak berkesempatan) but this place is seriously a guilty pleasure. Wouldn't mind stopping by again.

Orange Sweet Crepes
Grilled Paprika Prawns

Curry Chicken Pie
Burps & Giggles is located at 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, Ipoh, Perak. Tel: 05-242-6188. Open from 8AM to 8PM. Closed on Tuesdays. More info at their Facebook.
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