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Ipoh Trip X Yasmin At Kong Heng Museum

Tempat yang paling memberi kesan masa pergi Ipoh haritu tak lain tak bukan, muzium Yasmin. 
Ruang kecil di tingkat dua and decorated with frames of quotes (from ("Yasmin How You Know?") and pictures of Arwah's personal belongings.
There's a movie room (masa kitorang pergi, tengah pasang Talentime) dan dekat luar pula ada another playback iklan-iklan arahan Yasmin. Movie - Astro selalu tayang semula, so tak heran sangat. Iklan tu yang paling menyentuh hati. Duduk sekejap je air mata dah tak tertahan.
I would love to stay a little bit longer but time was not our friend. We have a 4 o'clock train to catch and a lot of other things to see. So I left with a heavy heart.

Yasmin at Kong Heng is located behind The Old Block (next to Burps & Giggles). Open Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 4PM. RM3 per entrance. Donations are welcomed. More info at Facebook.

Trip lepas gian #2

The long awaited day trip to Miyagi and a quick visit to IOI City Mall Putrajaya. Nothing but pure fun. Dah takde tempat nak lepak dekat Johor Bahru he he

Ipoh Trip X Burps & Giggles

When I planned the Ipoh trip, it was never about hipster cafes. Entah macam mana tetibe revolves around that pulak. 
So, it all started with burps & giggles. It was 4.30pm we didn't know what else to do and I was hungry, the place seems nice, quirky, reminds me of Roost, so we stop by. 
Diorang makan crepes and pastries. I had pasta.
Everything was so good. My pesto pasta, delicious. I love the place, sambung empat lot kedai macam tu. Dalam tu tak buat pintu pun, dia basically pecahkan dinding jadi macam ruang for people to walk from one lot to the other. Rustic habis.
You can see families from three generations eating there, friends, budak-budak muda, late 20s early 30s, locals and foreigners, semua ada.
Price wise, lebih kurang je kot harga semua hipster cafes.
If I ever visit Ipoh again, I will probably try their local food (sebab last time tak berkesempatan) but this place is seriously a guilty pleasure. Wouldn't mind stopping by again.

Burps & Giggles is located a…

Ipoh Trip X Day 2

By 8AM we were already wandering around Memory Lane

Memory Lane, also known as Pasar Karat Loken was interesting. Similar to Lorong Kulit but very different too.  I like the fact that most of the stuff there is vintage or old stuff. I even caught a glimpse of an uncle checking out an old porn CD (judging from the cover, it must be from the 90s).

And there were a lot of parangs. Orang Ipoh memang gangster ke macam mana? Seterang-terangnya jual benda bahaya. There were at least five stalls selling mostly parang!
Halfway through, we walked all the way to Mee Daud Mat Jasak for mee kicap.

For me, it was just okay. Boleh tak? Not a fan. Maybe it's the choice of noodle. I'll probably love it if it was kueh tiau.
After breakfast we went back to Memory Lane to do some shopping. At around 11AM, we went back to the hotel, it was time to pack up and check out. 
We went to Medan Selera Dato Tahwil Azhar to look for popiah and satay but it was not opened - a case of wrong timing. So we …