Penang Trip X Team Princess

The initial plan was... Start driving to Penang from KL at 8am so we will be at the wedding in Butterworth at 1pm and can be at Georgetown by 3pm.

But we were late. 2 hours late. The most important part is, we made it.

It took us two years to make our plan come true. Thanks to Rizalia - thanks for getting married at Penang. We owe you a lot. Thank you so much.

I enjoyed every bit of it. Gained 3kg in 3 days. Thanks to Penang and to good food at Setapak.

Learnt a lot about my friends. We've known each other for 7 years already. Became close to Ira on my first year at law school, to Ariey on my second year and to Dayang on my final year. But still there's a lot to learn. Macam kahwin pulak haha.

They are incredible. Ira drove all the way from KL to Penang. Ariey drove us around in Penang (she's a very good driver - steady) and Dayang from Penang to KL. By the way, Dayang is so good with maps and directions. Me? I just plan our journey, book the hotel, occasionally giving directions through waze. And plan our budget - I planned my budget and they're too lazy to plan theirs so they just follow whatever budget I made for myself. I'm basically the girl behind the scene.

And I took a lot of pictures (not enough!). They complaint but sukahatilah kan. I love taking pictures and most of the time, it's just pictures of them... and food.

Penang is the place to get fat and be fit (walked around Georgetown for that street art shots). What's left now is the pictures and the memories. Bak kata Ira, tinggal kenangan. 

So yeah, Penang was awesome. Let's do this again.

Last but not least, thank you for providing us with good music Ira. I love yous.

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