Sweetwater Bar & Bistro @ Taman Pelangi

Celebrated the New Year at Sweetwater Bar and Bistro. It serves Mediterranean food and our dinner was prepared by the owner himself, Chef Hans Durst.

The place seems old and outdated but nice enough for a dinner get together like this. I had the mushroom soup, seafood pasta and volcano cake. Not sure what's the name on the menu though. It was delicious. Two of my colleagues had the lamb cutlet. It tastes so much better when the meat is cooked to medium well. The other one is well done so it is a little bland.

The waiter and waitresses was very friendly and helpful too. They will try their best to answer all your questions about the menu/ meal. They were even willing to prepare drinks that were not on the menu and one of them took out the ingredients from the kitchen because we asked about it and we were not satisfied with his explanation. Looking back at it, we were a little fussy.

All in all, it was a very satisfying meal and we had a great time.

Sweetwater Bar & Bistro is located at Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi. They are open for lunch and dinner. Call 07-3314349 to make reservations. More info at their website.
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