Pots & Pans Cafe @ Bukit Meldrum

Celebrated January babies at the Pots & Pans Cafe. I just got back from my Penang trip so I wen't straight to the venue and ordered first before the others arrived.

The place was nicely decorated, simple and homely. The menu is simple too. I had the pan seared fish in lemon sauce, beef omelette and pancake with apple. Everything tastes good but my favourite will be the beef omelette. The fish was new on the menu and I really wish it had more lemon in the sauce. I love lemons.

The chicken chop pasta was good too. It's pasta with two chicken parts. So, basically you'll get 1/4 of a chicken. Totally recommended for a big eater.

The celebration was a blast. Love the fact that I end my long holiday with loved ones - with a bang. Yes, a bang! At the end of the night, party poppers and string sprays were involved. And it was fun. We're 27 but still kids at heart, kan? Well, most of us are still 26 anyway.

Happy birthday Cuen & Kak B!!

Pots & Pans Cafe is located at No. 15, Jalan Bukit Meldrum opposite Suria City Hotel / Grand Bluewave Hotel. Opening hours 2.30pm - 12.00am. Closed on Mondays. More pictures and info on their Instagram.
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