Family dinner

Had dinner at Olive Musicafe with the whole family, just because. So since there's six of us, I get to try other things on the menu. 

The lamb chop and fish and chips are recommended. But I am still not a fan of the Aglio Olio. Abah loves the carrot cake but it's too dense for my liking. I love the Macaroni and cheese, had them on my first visit, ordered again. Tried the chicken wings but it was just okay for me as I don't like the marinade.

There was a live performance that night. He sang wonderfully and a lot of the songs performed was the current hits. We enjoyed it but Ma was not happy because live music during meals makes her dizzy.

Again, this was actually our last choice (my first choice but they want to go elsewhere so yeay me). We went to few other places but they were all closed. In the end, my family was pretty happy and that makes me happy.

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