Back at Pampas Burger

Pampas Burger has become one of my favourite restaurant in KL, thanks to Dayang. 

Was here after Asramara All Stars with Ariey and Dayang. This time, we were finally complete. 

I tried the The Gaucho. It is described as "The real man’s burger, double handmade beef patties with beef bacon, mature cheddar cheese, chimichurri sauce, mayonnaise and topped with an egg." Ira and Ariey had our favourite Blue Cheese and Bacon ("Homemade beef patties with blue cheese sauce, smoked beef bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & red onion."). While Dayang ordered the meatball bolognese. The meatballs tastes just like the patty. Very rustic and filled with spices.

Looking forward to my next visit when I'm in KL... maybe next month? :)

The Gaucho

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