Restoran Lesehan Zona @ Taman Pelangi

I love ayam penyet, it is the type of food that is so simple, it can rarely go wrong. A safe choice whenever I'm not sure what to order. I feel like eating ayam penyet, it's either ZZ Stulang or somewhere new, so we end up somewhere new - new to us not newly opened.

Previously the signboard reads "Restoran Lesehan / Bersila - Zona Ayam Penyet". It serves ayam penyet, obviously.

I went there on a Sunday. It was pretty much empty when I got there but then there's people working at Plaza Pelangi coming in, a few maids with the children they're taking care off, some pakciks came alone. It was a homely place. 

You can choose to bersila or sit on a chair. But I chose to bersila because it is fun. I can't bersila when I eat out with my family so yeah, why not?

It really feel like you're in Indonesia I guess as it is operated by Indonesians. The food was okay. I love the chicken - juicy and crispy, the soup was bland, the sambal was hot but you may not like it if you don't really like belacan, the fried tofu was superb! It's crispy but it's still fluffy and not dried up - my favourite.

Although this is not my favourite ayam penyet place in JB (it's Ayam Penyet Z&Z), I will definitely come here again whenever I'm craving for ayam penyet. Z&Z jauh sangat. Hmm.

Restoran Lesehan Zona is located at the shop rows next to Plaza Pelangi, near E&Y Sahul, at the second floor.
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