Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia [2014]

A must watch movie 1. Directed by Bernard Chauly 2. Starring Fazura. I love it so much, I can't stop raving about it sebab memang sangat best.

Nice scenery. Sarcastic best friend and kepohchi family. Real relationship prolems. Rafidah Aziz did a great job as one of the script writers and as Dhivia, Ifti's best friend. The character was meant for her.

"Pemandu bas Malaysia dapat kerja dekat Turki. Wow. Tak mencurigakan langsung." HAHAHA

Turun naik feeling with Ifti. And of course, the breakup scene was heart-wrenching. You want to be the one who will console her afterwards. It's real, maybe she was thinking about her own breakup when filming the scene, I don't know but it's real. Faz is a really good actress, no doubt. 

Cerita pun best. The last time I read a malay romance novel was more than 10 years ago and I have never considered any malay novels afterwards butttt after I watched this movie I actually looked for the novel of the same title. That's how good the movie was. I mean, with a movie this good the book must be as good or better.

However, one thing that really bugs me is the hot air balloon scene. Ifti punya scarf masa dia turun daripada bas (scarf merah hitam kelabu) lain daripada masa dia naik hot air balloon (scarf biru). And she's back with the red black grey scarf after the hot air balloon ride. WHY??? Tak puas hati lah.

Was it a mistake too expensive to rectify or intentional?

Nampak tak? Lain! Geramnya. Nanti nak tengok dekat Astro First pulak.****
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