7 Tahun 7 Hari x #gdsjht10years

I actually finished the book within an hour. I was supposed to sleep but I can't, not until I finish it.

It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I didn't know her personally but it was such a nice and moving story on how she overcomes whatever life throws at her, and how she met her husband. When it all started, their journey... it touched me. What she wrote, what he wrote... it was beautiful.

I think she can be defined as a strong person. Her struggles are/were real and she conquered it. We can too. Perseverance and divine intervention, that is all we need.

Recently, I scrambled to place an order for her t-shirts, book and zine (thanks Ira). Feeling slightly obsessed but hey, she's worth it. From what I can see, fame and what not, she's still the same and that's why I like her.

You can have it too >> READ HERE

Thank you Diana Nuzuin a.k.a gdsjht.
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