Terbaik Dari Langit [2014]

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The story is intriguing. I want to know more. I need to think about it (still thinking about it) this is a good movie for discussion (missing Ira and Ariey). 

Basically, if you love it, you love it - doesn't make you superior ke apa. Kadang geng-geng deep ni dia punya hidung kemain tinggi. If you don't like it, there's nothing wrong with you. Cuma tak perlu nak buat bising dalam panggung expressing your disdain. Orang lain nak enjoy please respect.

That actually happened to me. A woman acting like a child. She brought her kids and they were well behaved but she's the rude and noisy one.

The cinematography though, beyond my expectation. A world class graphic visuals you got there. Looking at the pictures on the internet makes me all teary eyed. It was so amazing, I can't get over it. And top notch performance by the casts.

Terbaik Dari Langit makes me miss my friends. Makes me want to go on a road trip, a little soul searching with my soul mates sounds quite fun. Do what you want, what you love, don't sacrifice your passion for anyone, you don't have to be unique or basic or normal - you just need to be you.

Hujung-hujung, I think Berg just want his friends to unite and life is a learning process. Berg finally found his peace. Did he really got abducted by aliens? In my opinion it symbolises that he met his purpose of life and died happily.

I like it. I agree with Amir Hafizi's review in The Malaysian Reserve. I would watch it again for the visuals alone.***
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