Pygmy - Chuck Palahniuk

Adolescent spies trying to terrorise America with Operation Havoc by pretending to be transfer student from wherever they came from (some communist state, maybe China, maybe PRK). There were five or six of them, all in the same area living with their host family. The plan was actually to make American terrorist babies. Unfortunately, the main agent, Pygmy, the voice behind the story, fell in love with the host sister.

Reading this book is like reading english signage in China. The ones that will make you go "Oh My ENGRISH!". It's a bit confusing but it gives character to Pygmy. The writer didn't mention where the terrorists came from but from the language used, I strongly believe it's China.

At first it was hard for me to understand what Pygmy is saying, I had to reread some paragraphs several times but after a few chapters it becomes easier. I speed read through few pages which I don't think is important for me to understand the story, mostly the parts where Pygmy recall his training days. I sort of want the ending to go the other way. I want terrorist babies to be born just because it will make the story crazier.
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