Bibir Ceri Melati - Fazleena Hishamuddin

I have been frustrated with my choice of books lately. But this one was a 180 degree spin. Finally, something good.

There's a lot of short stories and poems. What I love the most was the short stories. The poems are good too but the short stories gets me. I am in a situation where most of the time, a big fat denial is in my reality. So this is my reality check. I realize that a heartbreak is not the end of the world. I can still be okay.

But I refuse to back down. Not now I think not now. I gave too much, I will give it all. Totally unrelated with the book but yeah, it gave me clarity.

Whenever I feel that I'm being bias because I can relate to it, it made me think, aren't we all (bias)? We try to find similarities in a fictional man made characters, in whatever form of art possible, be it in the movies, short stories, poems, songs... maybe relating to something will make us feel less lonely (?)
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