RéNé @ The Red Tree

It was my birthday and I was alone, just killing time after an early morning appointment. Did some shopping at Sephora and was on my way home. Decided to stop by and have a look.

The weather was killing me. It was scorching hot, I started sweating from the moment I turned the car air-cond off. There's not much people I think due to the heat and they want to avoid traffic jam due to road closures for TMJ's wedding.

I didn't go home empty handed. Bought a few scarfs and tried Smalta ice cream. I had mango vanilla. They use real mango and mix it with the vanilla ice cream. It's so gooey and milky. Very popular among the locals (I think) but, I prefer traditional ice cream... 

At the end of the day, it was a fun event and I had a great time.

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