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Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel - 77

I love pencil/kohl eyeliner but my lids don't love them as much. Pencil/kohl will smudge unlike liquid eyeliners. Liquids are a bit hard to handle especially if you don't have sturdy hands and your eyes blinks a lot so that will leave us with gel. Gel eyeliners is not as runny as liquid. Sometimes it smudges, sometimes it won't. depends on the condition of your lids. If it's too oily, it will probably bleed a little after a few hours but it is definitely easier to handle compared to liquids.
Taking into consideration and after I read a review that compares the quality of gel eyeliners between some well known brands including MAC cosmetics and MUFE, I put Inglot's gel eyeliner on top of my list, in case I ran out of eyeliner.
My liquid eyeliner dried up so I dropped by Inglot and bought their gel eyeliner, conveniently the only store in Johor Bahru is located at my office building.
I've been using it on days when I need my eyeliner to stay put for a very long t…

Yang Nakal-Nakal x O'Briens

Yang Nakal-Nakal is a compilation of Usman Awang's short stories and poems that have a certain cheekiness to it. It talks about, inter alia, young love, married people, politics and rakyat. The issues that are still discussed right now. It doesn't feel like it was written more than forty years ago. He was a true wordsmith. Sasterawan Negara pulak kan, of course he's good at doing that.
A very enjoyable read, over latte and sandwiches - because hipster cafes are too mainstream.

Chakra Restaurant @ Jalan Yusof Taha

Chakra Restaurant, famous for its authentic Indian cuisines. 
I have been contemplating on giving it a try for years and then I saw their Groupon vouchers. I bought it in September but just used it earlier this month right before the expiry.
It's located in an old bungalow. I like the decorations and stuff, kinda old school, they have a lot of old pictures - think Warung Saga. The place smells like briyani in a good way. Make sure you bring along your perfume to kill the smell afterwards because it will stick to your clothes.
We had tandoori chicken with naan and paneer butter masala, complimentary poppadom, ginger flavoured ice cream, sweet lassi and lime juice.
The food was divine. Butter paneer masala was amazing! Still talking about it after almost a month. That must mean something, it must be love. I also love the sweet lassi. Always a fan of lassis and their sweet lassi was so good. Of course the portion wasn't enough for a big eater. 
The price, not for everyday dining…

Before I turned 26

He was going to an office trip on my birthday so we had an early celebration the day before. He took me to George & Dragon. A birthday dinner, simply an excuse for me to dress up, make up, and take a lot of selfies.
Thank you, ❤.

Lunch Hour : Soul Thai

Sambal House was closed a few months ago and replaced with Soul Thai. They sell Thai food (duhh!) and have a really affordable lunch set. Only RM7.90 per set. There's also a lot of other choices and the food was good. I love the tomyam, white and hot, but it was not mine. I ordered the black pepper beef lunch set because it's cheap (I'm cheap) but it was equally tasty.

Soul Thai is located at Level 2 Johor Bahru City Square (two other outlets at Nusa Bestari and Bukit Indah). More info at their website.

RéNé @ The Red Tree

It was my birthday and I was alone, just killing time after an early morning appointment. Did some shopping at Sephora and was on my way home. Decided to stop by and have a look.
The weather was killing me. It was scorching hot, I started sweating from the moment I turned the car air-cond off. There's not much people I think due to the heat and they want to avoid traffic jam due to road closures for TMJ's wedding.
I didn't go home empty handed. Bought a few scarfs and tried Smalta ice cream. I had mango vanilla. They use real mango and mix it with the vanilla ice cream. It's so gooey and milky. Very popular among the locals (I think) but, I prefer traditional ice cream... 
At the end of the day, it was a fun event and I had a great time.

The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee @ Taman Mount Austin

Planned to meet up with Baby K and her parents, anywhere but the town area. So we went to Mount Austin and decided to go to The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee.
It is a cafe in a factory building, surrounded by other factories (and bars/ night clubs) and the interior resembles factory environment.

The Factory 30 serves a lot of coffees and some teas and juices. They also serve simple food. I had their cream cheese bagel  served with scrambled eggs and nachos. It was delicious but the nachos was so hard, I was scared I might chip a tooth.

And Baby K parents bought me cake - it was my birthday. It's mille crepe - Chocolate Banana and Iced Lemon Tea. Both tastes delicious, light and creamy, similar to Humble Beginnings'.

The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee is located at No 30, Jln Mutiara Emas 5/3, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. Open everyday from 2.00pm until midnight. Visit their Facebook for more info.

Pilo Toq

Catatan ringkas suami mengenai isteri. Yang manis, yang pahit, yang masam, yang tawar, semua ada. Seronok baca, rasa tercuit-cuit hati nak bernikah. Buat yang belum kahwin, buku ni memang bahaya. Mula-mula memang sengih sorang-sorang berangan. Dah lama-lama makan hati sendiri. 
Takpela tak dapat rasa sendiri kan, kongsi bahagia kawan-kawan pun cukup, insyaAllah.

Interstellar [2014]

Three hours is too long for me to focus on a movie. I feel very sleepy after the second hour. This doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. I actually cried when Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) saw his children videos and also when Murph (Jessica Chastain) told Amelia (Anne Hathaway) her father died. It seems like any movie that can make me cry is a good movie by my standards.
I like Interstellar but I love Inception. Maybe because I don't really like sci-fi but this movie is cool.***