WÅNDER by Tudung People @ Bangi Gateway

I have always wanted to go to Wander x Tudung People. First and foremost, to look at the scarfs so that I can be confident enough to buy them online. Secondly, to lepak at the cafe lah. Not hipster cafe but hijabster cafe. Same thing different term.

Anyway, I think, the timing was not right. We had lunch at Homst and were already full so did not get the chance to try the delicious looking cakes. I ordered hazelnut latte (kot) and ARiey ordered the brownies.

The brownies were full of chocolate, great for chocolate lovers, and the latte was good.

The scarfs were so pretty up front that after much deliberation I have finally decided to buy their Lana instant shawl - but the colour I want is sold out. hmm.

Shop Tudung People online. More info at their website.

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