Playdate with Baby K @ ĝCafe

Khayla can't stand the hot and humid Malaysian weather, her mother (Ofee, reduced to just "her mother") asked to go to a place with AC. I chose gCafe over Roost.

Level 1 was full so we sat upstairs. There was a very comfortable sofa (not in picture) that can fit 3 normal sized people (or maybe 5 skinny girls) but we sat elsewhere because that side can seat 10 pax and we're half of that.

At least we were at the bear territory. Khalya loves the wall, me thinks.

Khayla was happy seeing Acik Naima hihi.
...but not that happy when Acik Naima holds her. Kenapa Khayla. Boring ke? Tak empuk macam Ibu is it?

Not sure if Khayla loves bears or she's just in awe with the new things she saw. Tapi muka macam blur jugak masa kena placing dekat wall. That "What is going on?" face.
Penne - a little on the dry side. Prefer softer pasta.
Chicken chop served with weird yellow sauce.
Grilled chicken chop with teriyaki sauce.
The chicken burger because they ran out of beef patty.
Sweet potato fries and the not so favourable tomato oil sauce (I like it though).
Fries and wedges with the delicious thousand island (table's favourite).
Puan Diyana prettier lepas kahwin. No wonder people always say the most attractive people are bini orang and suami orang. lol
Gang single ladies (missing Cuks).
Can't believe she's a mother already haha Ofee kot.

Isn't she lovely *singing* in her stroller but obviously she wants to get out of there.
... and then she did her baby things. Drink milk and go to sleep.
Before balik kena kejut. Our "Khayla, tengok camera." moment.
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