Pampas Burger @ Dataran Jelatek

Went to Pampas Burger after Asrama-Ra. It was around 11.00pm and it was either this or mamak (which I am trying very hard to avoid.)

The place was nice and clean. They were probably ready to close up and just waiting for the clock to strike 12 but they were really nice. The manager asked us about our meal and whether we were enjoying our time there. I felt really welcomed - such a sucker for good customer service.

But the good part does not end there. From the name, you know that the main menu is burger. Recently they added pasta to the menu but I had pasta the night before so I ordered burger. We had Blue Cheese & Bacon, The El Pollo Loco (chicken) and Cut The Crab.

The burgers were served with one side dish of our own choice (either french fries, sweet potato wedges (kot?) or onion strings) and a special sauce. The sauce is different for each burger. For Blue Cheese & Bacon, the sauce was buttery and cheesy. The El Pollo Loco's sauce is sort of like a mayo but with something else I can't recall. Cut The Crab was served with Thousand Island sauce.

My favourite will be Blue Cheese and Bacon. I just love beef burger and buttery sauce. I actually finished it off although it was not mine. El Pollo Loco's patty was thick and peppery. Cut The Crab is a bit salty. All of us had french fries for the sides and it was good. Not the soggy kind.

I will definitely come back for more once I'm back in KL.

Pampas Burger @ Dataran Jelatek is open from 12pm to 12am daily (last order 11.30pm). More info at their website.

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