Outcast [2014]

Two soldiers, fought two different battle for two entirely different kingdom. 

The story starts at the Middle East so I thought, ni mesti nak tunjuk Islam jahat, but I was wrong because the scene lasted 10 minutes before it moved to China. So, I understand Hayden Christensen went to China to find Nicolas Cage who went there to escape from the brutality of war but I don't understand why Hayden must save the China kingdom. Orang putih kena selamatkan dunia ke macam mana? Or did he do it to redeem himself after what happened at the Middle East? (waging war and attacking places where there were kids and women hiding). At one moment we can tell that the Princess of China fell in love with Hayden but it's not a strong enough reason, I think. I don't know. Movie yang tak ada point. Storyline is weak. No wonder there were only three people in the cinema on a Saturday.*
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