Olive Musicafe @ Nong Chik Heights

It was my last resort but it's not a regret. Every where else were closed that night, except Olive Music Cafe. 

It's a music themed cafe hence the name. I love how it doesn't scream hipster like every other new cafes in town so it won't be crowded with people. It's a kind of place where you just want to chill and talk without being too loud. The staff were friendly and welcoming too.

We ordered mac & cheese, panna cotta, aglio olio and cream of mushroom. Love the panna cotta. Unlike the ones I had at Williams and Bigfood, there's no chocolate sauce but the cream was already sweet by itself but not overtly sweet. I needed more seasoning for the aglio olio but maybe that's just a matter of individual taste. Mac & cheese and cream of mushroom were delicious.

All in all, a nice place to hangout though I think it needs a little more exposure.

Olive Musicafe is located at Nong Chik Heights right next to Bigfood at the back row. Open daily except Thursdays from 5.00PM to 12.00AM. More info here.
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