Make Up Class x Bee Ramza

Been following Bee Ramza on instagram for a while and came across her post on a make up class organized by Naqira House at Putrajaya. I'm going to Asrama-Ra All Stars on the same date so I figured might as well make the best of my time at KL/Selangor.

Although it's a basic make up class, I learned a lot of new things from Bee. The tricks and tips mentioned was not something new but it's kind of a reminder.

  • Make up starts with skincare.
  • Always set foundation with powder.
  • BB Cream and CC Cream have large particles that will clog pores. Always clean your face thoroughly to avoid pimples.
  • Tilt your head up when applying mascara and eyeliner.
  • Use gel eyeliner at the inner rim because it stays put and won't smudge.
  • Basic brushes - Foundation, eye shadow, brow, shading/blusher
  • Test foundation shades at the jaw line as it is the most similar to your natural skin colour.
  • Natural make up is the current trend so keep it natural. Enhance but don't over do - unless you're going for a certain look.

And many other useful tips.

Naqira House is organizing an advanced make up class on 2nd and 9th November for RM299/head (limited to 15 people per class). Follow them on Instagram for more info. 

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