Homst Recipe @ Bangi Gateway

I have always wanted to try one of those chinese muslim restaurants. Got a chance to eat at Homst Recipe while I was at Bangi a week ago.

We had the set meal, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Rice and Wet Buttered Chicken Rice. I also ordered Siew Mai and Spring Rolls. 

When I ordered I thought the rice will be fried rice but it's just plain white rice. The fish and chicken was really good. I would prefer a bit more sauce because it feels too dry. Maybe next time I should order a vegetable plate to complement the meal.

The Siew Mai was a little too gummy for my liking and the spring rolls were just okay. But I will definitely come back for the wet buttered chicken.

Homst Recipe @ Bangi Gateway is located at Level 1. Open from 11am to 10pm. More info at their website.
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