This year's Johor Bahru Writers & Readers Festival (JBWRF) took place at Johor Bahru Performing Arts Centre (JBPAC).

JBPAC is located at Level 4M, Danga City Mall. There's two separated 'boxes' at JBPAC, The Black Box and The White Box. JBWRF was held at The Black Box.

I really enjoyed shopping at JBWRF. I bought five books, four of it was in my wishlist.Some writers were on stage talking about their books but didn't get a chance to stay because I had other plans.

Checked out the White Box right after. It's an art gallery. There's paintings, sculptures, and art classes. Some of it were really nice. I would pay big bucks for it (if I earn big bucks). My favourite was the mixed medium painting. I only have time to do a quick scan. Wish I can go there again and spend more time admiring each and every piece of art.

Mixed medium painting of a car. I thinks it's magazine pages and oil  (?) paint.
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