ĝCafe @ Mount Austin

A two-storey lifestyle cafe located at the row shops in Taman Mount Austin, gCafe has been around for a few months. I went there for tea a few weeks back. 1. Because I want to go to a new place. 2. It's on my way home. 

The place is nicely decorated but actually, every other cafes looks the same nowadays. Rustic, quirky decor is the in thing but the chair separates it from other similar cafes because they have cushions. I love cushions. Rasa nak tidur; seriously. A comfortable place to have a chat with your friends or just laze around.

The service was good. Nice waiter, food served in a timely manner. Menu was pretty much cafe menus. Pastas, salads, desserts, and tid bits. There's plenty of drinks to try from the menu and I like the fact that they labelled the non-caffienated drinks. Very helpful to me because I try to avoid caffeine whenever I can.

We had mushroom bruschetta, soft crab shell pasta and tea. The portion was definitely bigger than Maco Vintage's (with similar pricing) but not as big as Bigfood's. Worth the price we paid.


gCafe is located at 147, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin. It is open from 11.00AM on weekdays and from 9.00AM on weekends, until midnight. Check out their Facebook page here.

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