Diyana + Irwan | Nikah & Malam Berinai

Was one of the dulang girls that day. Arrived just on time. Thanks to Mama for the ride. The night was hectic but despite everything, they got married and everyone enjoyed the moment. Alhamdulillah.

So surreal masa dah SAH tu I was like, dah SAH ea? Tetiba je dah sah. Anyway, love, love, love that night. Hats off to Cuks whos been there since early in the morning helping out with everything. She's like the superbridesmaid okay.

Malam Berinai attire was lovely. Not a common colour combination but it works. I know they were tired but they look happy because everything was worth it in the end (I think?). Dah halal dah boleh make friends for baby K. Yeay!

Congratulations Chuen & Ewan. I've wrote this in your guestbook but I'm gonna reiterate lah okay. Semoga murah rezeki and cepat-cepat make cute babies. I love you Chuen. Don't worry about the future too much dah ada your Capten for life tu InsyaAllah everything will be great.

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