Diyana + Irwan | Majlis Bersanding

I didn't know Chuen asked us to wear peach so I wore gold/brown. But I matched Azra.

Chuen looked amazing in her dress. Especially with the headpiece. So regal. She's certainly the queen of the day - alongside her king. I was so excited when I first saw her. Cantik sangat. Pelamin, dress, meja makan beradab, makeup, everything looks so good. You've definitely hired the right bridal.

And the food was the best, I basically cleaned off Azra's plate.

It has been months since the last time we meet up, it was a very memorable and fun day. And of course, there's baby K. My favourite baby girl. 

Permaisuri dan Raja dah turun takhta...

Sleep and fresh milk is baby K's current favourite things so it might be a while before we introduce her to Roost.
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